June 30, 2007

the latest Islamic terrorism

Well it looks like Muslim habit of not getting on at school might actually be having a beneficial effect. If the assholes that tried to blow up all the infidel at Glasgow Airport had actually had an understanding of Chemistry their attack would have been much more dangerous (any GCSE Chemistry student should be able to brew up nitroglycerine if they really wanted to, which would have been perfect for this little jolly). As it is the Muslim fanatics in question had obviously substituted watching action movies for an actual education and where under the delusion that any burning car will always blow up in a huge telegenic explosion. I sincerely hope that the burns that they decided to inflict on themselves leave them in pain for the rest of their lives.

Likewise the car bomb in Piccadilly, again this is a bomb that simply would not have worked. Unlike the IRA these folk where in far too much of a hurry to meet their mythical 'god' that they forgot to do their homework. In a way this is comforting, that your average Islamic terrorist is so incompetent. On the other hand it is worrying, because these latest attacks have been so very badly planned they cannot be part of an organised campaign.

I can therefore only assume that the jealousy of the west is now so widespread within the Islamic colonies inside the UK that we are going to see more of this. There can be no negotiation as there is no central authority to negotiate with. It will simply be that every so often some Muslims will finally get off of their fat lazy arses in order to try and kill the people that pay for their dole money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you try to critisize or have any other opion about terrorism try to address it to as a murderer or criminal or simply terrorist; Not Muslim. Intelligent people don't read your view point and you come across as an ileterate yourself who is going to school to make sure he or she knows the right chemistry formula and nothing else. Schooling is much more than this. Thanks.

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